How Absolutely Tragic!

What if Romeo never took his life but lived on in pain, anguish and a life of numb? I sat across the diner table from a tall, bright, good looking 22 year old young man who had sold his soul to the demands of his father. James was a dual national with both French and US citizenship. He was currently finishing up his degree at a major French university as an engineer. James had graduated from a prestigious private school where he was a good student and an excellent musician. His passion for his music was immense, the love of his life. Prior to graduating his father told him his music was not a practical future and that he must follow a career in science or engineering. He was an obedien

Gasping for Air! Why Your Child Hates You.

Some of the angriest people I know are teens and young adults who have not been allowed to discover or had the opportunity to live their Talents. They are smothered, strangled and cut off from the very breath of life and passion. They are like someone who has their head pushed under the water in a pool. They may submit at first, thinking it is a game and you are just playing. After a few seconds, they start pushing up and against what is holding him down. Eventually, fear and desperation kick in, and their arms and legs begin to fight and flail around. Talent is powerful and must find expression. It has a power that if not channeled will leave one disappointed and angry at Life! Their par

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