Shut Up and Listen to Your Idiot Kid!

Cynthia Tobias has been a leader is helping parents and educators for 20 years. She is practical, wise and makes sense when so many in the mental health profession, educators and so called parenting "experts" talk utter nonsense, Cynthia brings practical help to parents. Visit Cynthia's website and sign up for videos, buy some of her books and engage with a voice that can change the way you parent.

Not Knowing Will Hurt, Harm and Suck The Very Life Out of Your Child!

Not knowing the evidence will hurt your child. (and you) I have a brilliant sister whose name is Penny. It is a great British name. I call her Nelope. Nelope attended the same undergraduate college as I did in Virginia. Both of us had attended summer school so that we could finish our degrees in the shortest time possible. The result was that we both completed our degrees in the middle of the school year in December. Nelope then left to go to Dallas and begin her doctoral work in psychology. Penny chose to return to Virginia to walk in the graduation ceremony in May of the next year. She decided she would drive a car she had recently bought that purportedly got great mileage and would make

3 Ways to Make a “Staycation” with the Kids One of the Most Memorable Summers for You and Them

If finances are a bit tight or you’re just trying to save money for something big, don’t feel like you and your family are missing out. Rethink the way you see this opportunity. First: go Google “fun ideas for staycations”. We’re not going to rehash the same stuff you can research on your own. Look it up—there are tons of articles/blogs with great suggestions. Pick 2-5 ideas and take a few days off if you can, to spend with your kids. If not, at least find a few days where you can take off a few hours early and do something special together. Plato said: You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. When was the last time YOU really played? Not becaus

What a Waste of Time, Money and Emotional Energy!

What a waste! I was sitting in Starbucks yesterday and overheard a conversation between an author friend of mine and a University of Texas student. As I always do, I get to talking to her as I do with anyone and everyone I don't know. She is doing Summer School. She is very bright. She is very frustrated. She would rather be doing something else with her Summer other than making up for a failed class that she had every reason to believe she would pass. (The cost at University of Texas at Dallas for a 3 credit hour class - $2,200-$4,600.00.) So I ask her what her major is. She tells me she started as a Math major because she was good at Math in high school and scored high on her SAT's.


My definition for Talent DNA is, "The capacity to repeat an action at an exceptional level of performance". It is not a one-time action. It is not a flash in the pan or a one hit wonder. The very nature of Talent DNA is that I can do it over and over again and I continue to get better at it. As you look at your children and attempt to figure out their Talent DNA Code, the question of repeatability is very important. If we want to help them discover what their innate Talent DNA is, and what they can become great at, we need to observe what is natural to them. Being natural means they just know how to and can do it over and over and over again. It is part of their God-given design. They

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