Talent DNA Produces Positive Emotions - Part 2

Parents should be observing what generates positive emotions in their children. We are not talking about a short-lived, seldom-repeated emotion, but emotions that are observed on a regular basis, something that makes your child come alive and fill with positive emotion. What is it? In the award-winning movie Chariots of Fire, Eric Lidle, the hero of the movie, has a sister who is trying to make him feel guilty and stop running in the Olympics because of its "eternal futility", in her opinion. She was a missionary to China, and based on her beliefs, he should have given up running and become a missionary like herself. In his response to her, he said that when he ran, he experienced a feelin

Talent DNA Produces Positive Emotions

Luminol is a chemical that is used in forensic investigations to find blood or identify where a murder happened. Luminol is sprayed in locations where a murder or violent crime has possibly happened and when it come in contact with blood, it lights up! The same thing happens when Talent DNA is applied to a situation where it can make an impact. It lights up! Positive emotions are generated and the person who gives their Talents to that area of need FEELS GREAT! The most common emotions that are experienced are thankfulness and gratitude. If you want to help your child discover their Talent DNA observe your child in various situations and look for where they express gratitude or say "Than

Stand Out! Exceptionality DNA.

Identifying Talent DNA is your child starts with defining what you are looking for. It is evidence but evidence of what? #1 The Standard of Exceptionality What does your child do that reach the level of “Exceptional?” Exceptional means above, or better than average, or clearly superior. When you look at the definition of a Talent, can what your child does be judged in at least the top 25, 15, 10, 5 percent of all other participants or peers? What awards have they won? What superior grades have they been given? What speeds, measurements, weights, and/or awards have they achieved that are better than the majority of their peers? What activities do they excel at? What classes are they at the

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