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FREE Class On Udemy – 10 Powerful Self-Discovery Questions to Ask Your Teen!

I have a gift for you. I created My Life Scene to empower and change your relationship with your teen. I want you to help them embrace a life of Purpose, Passion and Performance. (This class is normally $19.99)

My Life Scene is offering a FREE class on the Udemy platform just for you. We created this class so you can get a small taste of some of the modules that are included in the My Life Scene discovery platform. This is a class you and your teen would love.

This is a redacted class but contains many of the questions, exercises and powerful Talent DNA identifiers.

If you want to help your teen begin the most powerful discovery journey of their life, begin to write the story of their future, know with a greater certainty, gain amazing clarity to who they are and what they can become….sign up for FREE and take this class today. They can sign up as well for FREE

Then if you are ready to connect and go deeper as a parent, we can help you with coaching. Positive, insightful and life changing coaching.

email or call (425) 492-4300 or (469) 305-2241

Ready to take your FREE CLASS? Click on the picture above!

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