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The Amazing Positive Power of “NO”!

It is not very often you read something that just makes great sense. I often read articles or books by psychologists, counselors or other mental health professionals and I honestly think, “What reality do they live in?” or something less than kind.

That is because there is so much utter nonsense in the pop psychology world that is filled with advice about never saying no, never setting limits or boundaries because of the limiting effect on creativity or hurting the feelings of young lives that soon will be out of control.

Maybe it’s a way the mental health community create work for themselves. No limits = depressed, anxious and nasty young people. I honestly believe the drug epidemic we are experiencing has much to do with young people never being told "NO!"

I read a great article that I know you need to read by Dr. Susan Newman, PhD. She is a brilliant Social Psychologist. The article, “5 Unexpected Benefits of Saying No That Every Parent Should Know”

The article is a good quick read but an absolute must. Stop reading this now and go to

“5 Unexpected Benefits of Saying No That Every Parent Should Know”

If you need help as a parent we are here to do just that. If you have a child who is out of control or needs help, call us today and we will connect and set up a time to help you regain control and get back on the road to parenting brilliantly!

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