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Teaching Teens and Millennials The Joy of Giving.

The teenage years are often a time of intense selfishness. It is all about them. Their needs, emotions, future, money, friends, etc. After all they even invented the "Selfie" because it describes their focus - ME!

The ability to give from what one has earned is a Joy. It requires looking away from self to the needs of others.

Giving results in positive emotion, satisfaction and it can change the lives of those who receive. Giving brings human connection and allows people who may never have connected from finding connection in ways that matter.

The actual joy of working for something that they learn the value of, because they invested their own time and talent to producing the means to give, is seldom experienced. How can you sacrifice and give to make another's life more, if what you give comes from your parents bank account.

Here are some principles of giving that I believe are important. Parents can use these to think through and teach giving so that it changes their children's lives, build values and make the difference we all want:

  1. Giving must cost me/my child something. It can be time, the investment of myself not my simply writing a cheque. It can mean me/my child giving up something I wanted to do or experience for the sake of something that makes a substantive difference in someone's life.

  2. Giving should involve human touch. Giving at a distance is worthwhile to the recipient but is always enhanced when the giver and the received touch or meet in person. Being with those in need, living with them, being a volunteer building homes, tutoring, coaching, digging wells, teaching, whatever. When done on real time not via the internet or website, my life is changed.

  3. Giving can be done with no accolades or fanfare. One of the greatest gifts anyone can give is to change lives and receive is no acclaim, name recognition or benefit from being known. The joy of seeing lives become more while hiding in the shadows can be immense.

Building lives by building into lives virtue, character and helping individuals discover their innate talents drives my life. I have seen teens and Millennials who were lost and their souls empty make amazing changes. Giving, real giving changed their lives.

Parenting can often be a daunting task as you attempt to see your children become successful and happy adults.

I hope you reach out if you need help. Parenting is not for cowards. We would love to connect and help you help you kids become amazing people who impact the world through giving their very best!

Call (425) 492-4300 in Dallas or anywhere in the country. Our Parent Coaching can be done face to face, online via Skype or on the phone.

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