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A Parent's Greatest Fear!

I am a parent of three children. The greatest joy of my life was having my three children. The greatest fear was that something terrible might happen to them, fears like:

  • They might take their own lives

  • They would take an overdose

  • They would be in an accident

  • They would be the victim of some violent of terrible crime

  • They would end up in prison because they committed a crime

  • They would end up on the streets homeless and lost

Those are all terrible thoughts. They are terrible because with their births was a hope or a promise of possibly greatness. A life that might become amazing and who knows even change the world for some great reason.

What resides deep in our hearts as parents and as people, is the belief that we were made for so much more. That we have a Story. A story that we came into the world to tell. It is our purpose and our pathway. We were born to live and experience it.

For parents who look to the future and see college and a great career ahead as that pathway, the forecast is not great:

  1. Almost 48% who start will not finish. Your dream will not play out. The hope will not happen.

  2. 70% will finish with almost $40,000.00 in DEBT that will make it so hard to start their careers strong. They likely will come back and live with you. 20$ of each paycheck will evaporate to pay off debt.

  3. Gallup say that only 33% will find a job and a career that will make them happy and that they will enjoy getting up and going to everyday.

So, they might not kill themselves, end up in prison or on the streets but failure, frustration and a joyless life of drudgery is waiting for them. Jobs, relationships and a world where they don’t feel they fit.

My Life Scene provides the option and pathway to a better life. A bigger and happier life. What you hope for we can make far more likely to happen.

It is not some false promise from a quick test, promise of success from a college guru. We offer the greatest full spectrum Talent Discovery process ever created.

My Life Scene is not quick, slick and “Bang” you are done. It takes a few weeks to make happen but when your child has potentially 50 or 60 years ahead of them, why not do it right now? Save them and you from years of pain, frustration and loss.

Call (425) 492-4300 today. Email and discuss how we can help your child write The Story of My Future and know it will be amazing!

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