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See Me! Shooters, Bombers, Killers......

I have no sympathy for the killers, the shooters, bombers and murderers. So many are Millennials or teens are demanding to be seen, known and acknowledged for something. They are so often profiled as young men who have been bullied and marginalized.

One might feel sorry for them but what I believe has created so many of these violent men is not the fact they have been bullied but the response the mental health community and educators have seen as their salvation.

Those who are bullied are coddled. They are made to feel special by being labeled as victims. They need protection. They are seldom told how to overcome and become strong and seen for the talent that they have or the character they demonstrate. The result is more bullying. They are now identified as "weak" or "special" not because of anything positive but they now have a bullseye on their backs.

I lived in Africa and if you want to see who the big bad lions eat, the weak. Those that limp. Those that are timid. Those that don't know how to stand tall, firm and strong. The mental health community and educators have been wrong, very wrong in producing weak and then segmented those victims so that when they leave their protection, they act out. They then demand to be seen. They then act out in the most hideous of ways to be known.

There is another way. Everybody has their something. Everybody. I have seen the bullied become strong when not given victim or temporary protected status but a new and well defined battery of Talents and Character weapons. Those innate and amazing capacities we all possess to touch and give to this world.

When individuals identify and begin to give them to others, others stand with them. They are seen for strength. They know who they are. They don't seek protection but opportunity to give and impact the world for good.

Call today to create a great future for your teen or Millennial! (425) 492-4300

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