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Welcome to the new Teen Discovery website.

Teen Discovery has been changing chaos to clarity and bringing hope and direction to families since 1994.

The Legacy Forum was originally founded in Seattle for high net worth families and their children. The program developed to work with families across the USA with great success.

The program was so innovative and successful that many other families wanted to hire us to work with their children. We then created the Teen Discovery Intensives to work with families in crisis.

Many of our clients have tried every option available. They have attempted psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, rehabs, wilderness programs, interventions, educational consultants, life coaches - all wise options but still nothing has worked or minimal results.

There are times when a young person, a son or daughter, with all the potential and opportunity, is just lost. They are depressed, anxious, violent, lack direction, addicted, lack motivation, have attitudes that continue to sabotage their lives and they cause untold chaos to their family. ​

When one of these individuals is in a potentially destructive situation, getting the right help to manage the present crisis is paramount.

If you are looking for help in crisis, Teen Discovery is here now! If you as a parent need help in chaos, Teen Discovery will be there to bring sanity back.

Call today (425) 492-4300...why wait?

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