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Teen Discovery

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As parents we fear what the future might hold for our children.  Our deepest desire for our children is that they become successful and happy adults.  
We want our children to do well, enjoy life and not make many of the mistakes we made.  
Fear seems to be the one emotion that keeps most parents up at night.  Fear that our children will become addicted, fail in school, befriend people who will harm their future, drop-out of school or college and ultimately fail to live up to their potential. 
At Teen Discovery we help to create great futures and believe we are able to predict likely pathways to a great life.  The future is not created by identifying what is wrong with your child but what is right with them. 
We have worked with families for over 25 years.  Families that are:
  • In crisis 
  • Seeking answers for tough situations
  • Who want to make sure their children live up to their full potential  
Each of our programs involves working both with teens and parents. The family is a system and for real and lasting change, the relevant people need to be involved.
When necessary we involve psychiatrists, counselors, teachers, probation or legal professionals, consultants and more.  
Who Do We Help?  
Founded in Seattle in the 1994 as a concierge service to High Net Worth families, we continue to help with families across the country.    
We work with families and young people who are:  
  1. The Lost - There are many teens and young adults who don't know who they are or where they fit.  Often these are the teens who get into trouble.  They are failing in school or college, have friends that are less than stellar and oftentimes are in trouble with drugs and or the law.  They are connected to their phones and social media in the extreme, don't turn up, can't find or hold a job.  They are defiant, depressed, anxious or have other serious issues.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  2. The Slackers - Some young people don't engage or thrive.  When an individual doesn't know what they have to work with, when they don't know what their talents are and what they are made of, they seldom try hard.  They are seen as lazy or bored and just don't seem to care about anything.                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  3. High Performers - We have seen many young people who are brilliant and talented go wrong.  It is not uncommon. The most talented individuals often carry the heaviest burden to perform.  Learning to own talent, be grateful and couple that talent with character is vital for their long term happiness and success.  Great Talent must be managed or the results can be very bad.

“We had nowhere left to turn.  We didn't know where to look next.  A friend of my husband's told us about the experience they had when their son dropped out of college and basically out of life.

They had found a program in Seattle, really a person, Mark Demos, who came into their lives and change started.  It was one of the hardest fights of their lives with lots of ups and downs, but their son is back.

Our situation seemed just as dark.  The program was different from anything we had ever tried.  It was about what was right with Matt.  Mark and one of his sons who worked with him, helped him find out what was right and where he fit.  Most of all he learned that his life mattered beyond all was surrounded him."

Sarah D, Seattle, Wa.

Teen Discovery (12-16 years)

The teen years are some of the most determinative years in life.  Most teens who become "At Risk" start in junior high.  


When a young teen and their parents are able to clearly define and focus on what is right with the teen and guide them into living and performing what they are exceptional at, risk factors are most often avoided.


We have helped many teens find the direction they need.  They start engaging in school, form new friendships and embrace the future because their Talent DNA Profile gave them the hope and pathway for the future.  


When teens have a sense of clarity and a belief they can succeed, they flourish!

To stand by and watch a child you love so deeply and know they possess everything including no limits to opportunity just  implode!  That is where my husband and I were.  We had done everything, withheld nothing, provided every advantage and still to no avail.  The guilt of seeing a child create so much madness and disruption to an entire family was beyond belief.

I have no words to say but THANK YOU to Mark and  his team.  I could sit down for days and recount the tough times and crises but having them there every step of our journey made all the difference.

Our son has returned to us.  He is now in college and making great grades, friends and even volunteering his musical talents with a program for veterans.  Thank you!

Victoria and Stanley - Palm Beach.

College and Career Success 
(16-25 years)

Getting ready to launch into life by looking at college or another post high school career is often a time filled with both anxiety and hope.  

Dr. Monique Rinere PhD, former dean at Harvard, Columbia and Princeton and 

recently vice-president at The New School, heads up our College Success program.   Dr. Rinere is the author of "Countdown To College - The Essential Steps to Your Child's Successful Launch".

Preparing for a successful future and life requires more than simply getting good grades and SAT scores.   Many teens and young adults simply drop out and never graduate.  They don't know who they are and they lack clarity about the future.


In 2013, “The American Dream 2.0” report funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation said that 46% of students and 63% of African American students don’t graduate college within six years resulting in billions of dollars in additional loans.


If you want to help insure your child has the direction they need to engage and excel, they need to get centered for their future by building their Talent DNA Profiles.  Why wait for your child to be living on your couch or dropping out?  We can help.

"I have watched as my daughter lived so lost.  She could never find the right friends.  She was bright but seldom made a decent grade.  She went to the best schools and had teachers who cared, tutors, educational coaches and consultants but she just never found herself.

When we first listened to Mark speak at a Microsoft Alumni event, he spoke about our daughter as if he knew her and had been living in our home.

I spoke to Mark after the event and he was in our home the following day.  

He connected with everyone in Brittany's life from friends to teachers, her yoga teacher and he got to know her better than even we seemed to know her after 16 years.  

He saw in her what we knew was there.  He worked with a couple of coaches who were in their early twenties who she listened to better than her psychiatrist or counselors.  They connected and worked with her to get her grades up, connect with friends, start looking at a college and career pathway.  She came alive.

There have been ups and downs but she is a new person.  

Dave and Rhonda B. Kirkland Wa.

The Ultimate Gift 1.jpg
 The Ultimate Gift

Based on the best-selling book "The Ultimate Gift" by Jim Stovall, the story sends trust fund baby Jason Stevens on an improbable journey of discovery, having to answer the ultimate question: "What is the relationship between wealth and happiness?"

The Legacy Forum team has created a number of rights-of-passage experiences and profound life lessons for those who will likely inherit substantial wealth.  

The are countless examples we all know of young lives where wealth has become a curse and cause for the loss of hope.  No parent works hard for the next generation to see their wealth squandered, lost or harm their children.  

There are some core lessons each life must learn and master for family legacy to be lasting and strong.  We specifically tailor these lessons to each individual.

This program is an option for family members of all ages.  

Call Mark Demos at (425) 492-4300 today to talk about how we can talk about how The Ultimate Gift program could make all the difference to your family!

Andy Chan, Vice President for Career Services at Wake Forrest University

“…I was confronted with the reality that this generation of young adults is dazed and confused – hopeful yet discouraged; desiring social change yet desiring financial and career security; ambitious yet unwilling to pay their dues. The world is changing rapidly and today’s young adult must learn how to grow and thrive quickly. They must be self-aware, values- and purpose-driven, cross-culturally competent, and change resilient. Otherwise, they may lose many years wandering in search of themselves and meaning.

Call (425) 492-4300 NOW!
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