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Life Scene Investigation OSS
Program Richardson ISD

Juvenile Justice

Legal Issues

There are times when our children do thing that result in legal problems.  When an arrest or interaction with law enforcement happens you need to have someone who knows the ropes and can manage the crisis.
We have worked with families with legal issues since 1994.  Working in county drug courts, at-risk programs, running the First Offender programs in Richardson, Tx, running programs in Out of School Suspension in the Richardson ISD.  We have also worked with private investigators and local and federal agencies to find run-aways.
If your child has:
  • Been arrested 
  • Suspended from school, or
  • Facing serious criminal charges 
We know how to manage crisis.  We know how to work with the police, schools, court systems and mental health professionals.  
The disruption of an arrest and the turmoil to a family can me immense.  
We have a referral network of lawyers, forensic evaluators, private detectives, mental health professionals, educational consultants and other necessary professionals to bring what you need to make a plan to move forward.
The plan is to find a way to bring control to your child's life.   Then then a plan of action that a judge will buy into and hopefully authorize an alternative options to jail: diversion, deferred disposition, or plan that does not include prison time.  
Who Do We Help?  
Time is always very important when dealing with legal issues.  The faster you act in a controlled and reasonable, the possibility of a better outcome is enhanced.  
We suggest you call immediately.  Day or night, CALL. (469) 305-2241   
Call (425) 492-4300 NOW!
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