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The Problem with "Away" Programs

Our approach is unique because we believe the best, most profound and lasting change happens in real life situations. 

  • We come to you. 

  • We create change in your home and with your entire family! 

  • Your privacy is always respected.

We have worked with families who are household names, own major corporations and have names to protect.  We understand privacy is of the utmost importance in this information drive world.  We protect what you value.

When change happens in real life it is more likely to last.  Real progress is seldom made in seclusion and in a setting insulated from real obstacles to true transformation. Lasting change happens where real stresses and challenges are faced, negotiated and where strength is built.  Serious problems are not described but seen and evaluated in reality.

When children or adults are sent or go "away" to rehabilitation programs, change seldom is lasting.  It is a crap shoot for the most part. 


The current mantra in the mental health community is that it takes at least 3-4 visits to a rehab or "away" program before change or success happens.  That can mean a rebab, wilderness school/program, incarceration, therapy program.  Most of our clients have had that experience before we get their call. 

Spending 30 or more days walking in nature, conversing around a campfire, doing yoga, having massages, doing Pilates, enjoying 5 star meals, sharing pain in groups, painting, enjoying reflective 12 Step walks in the dessert interspersed with a therapy session and a group - simply takes the focus off the real issues at hand.  


These are nice ways to deal with stress, but they are not the answers to the deepest issues that are creating chaos.  The more chaos seen in life , the more need their is for real answers that will overcome those pressures, now and in the future.


This is indulgence for the most part and not a structure we believe creates change.   Most people would enjoy going to one of these programs as a way to escape life for a time.

Our experience with many families is that when parents send their loved one "away" for treatment, is that when they return, they:

  1. Reverted to old behaviors within days or weeks.

  2. Learned many new behaviors that are detrimental to lasting change because of being pooled with others who are demonstrating harmful behaviors and life choices

  3. Learned many new and more creative ways of lying, doing drugs, finding new ways to get their supply or supplying their customers.

  4. Found people to run away to and hide out with.


We know and have seen positive results from many programs but still maintain the best option for most families is the Teen Discovery Intensives.

“My wife and I had done everything we were told to do and the problems with our son only got worse.  We has sent him to two rehabs in Utah, a wilderness program also in Utah and had even had him in a local in patient program.  We found the Teen Discovery site online and I flew out to Seattle to meet with Mark Demos.  I spoke to three families who had worked with Teen Discovery and made the decision to try as a last resort.  Our son was highly resistant at first but miracles do happen and he is now in college, he has been clean for over 2 years and currently helps in a church youth program.  "

Jim and Kathy,  Detroit, Mi

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