Crisis Intervention


Clarity is what we want most when crisis hits.  When what we fear happens, we want help, hope and someone who knows how to navigate through the dark times.   


We know what we are doing.  We have seen many lives go from the darkest of nights to bright and beautiful futures.  We light the path.


If you are ready for amazing change and a pathway to the future that is bright and wide open, then we are ready to work with you.

Creating Success


Simply wishing that your child's future will be one of success and happiness is not enough.  


What if you could look to the future with far greater certainty?  What if you could predict and begin to plan a future for your child that has a sense of control and not simply guesswork?

Teen Discovery will point you and your teen or young adult in the direction of hope.  

With the tools of Talent and Character Profiling and coaching by our experts, great days are ahead!


Meet Our Team

Teen Discovery has brilliant, creative and caring professionals, most have an average of 25 years of experience.   


We are experts in addiction, mental health, positive psychology and human success.

We know how to intervene, stabilize, heal relationships, profile Talent and Character and move people in the direction of great futures!


We look forward to becoming a part of you and your child's lives and successful futures! 

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